Monday, December 10, 2012

My school visit

My school's visit

I pads I pads I pads are they a tool to play or a tool to learn from? should we support it or fight against it? before giving an answer to these questions I would like to share with you my visit to Paul Ecke Central Elementary School.

this is a private school at San Diego that uses ipads in their classes. I have went to one of the classes and the students were using their iPads to present different topics. the students have made their own video and used their voices to present the topics.
It was so nice to see how the students were pluging their ipads to the data show. they were also helping each other if one of them had a technician problem. the teacher stood far from the student who is presenting that shows how the students were comfortable using technology. It also show how she trust their technical skills.

we then went to another class where we were exposed to tests on iPads. the teacher can set questions, the students will answer and she can see the percentage of who answered the questions. but unfortunately this test did not work.

we talked then to the students I knew that they have their homework on their ipads and they have access to it at home.
At this class they also use books and paper and pencil. So they are using a combination between technology and traditional tools which I liked.

We then went to a class were they learn in Spanish it was a dual class. It is a kind of teaching were they will teach for some years a language and after these certain amount of time they will switch to another language.
What I liked is that when we entered a student just came to us confidently and talked to us and answered our questions.

Well returning to the question I asked at the top of the post, are iPads  tools to play with or are they tools to learn from? should we support it or fight against it?
I think that it depends on the things the kids do with the ipads and on the way we direct them to use it. It can be a very useful tool and it is also can be a wast of time tool.

It is also important to have a balance between ipads and the things that kids have to be to be kids(like plying out side and using paper and pen).
kids still need to use their hands and play with sand.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My 20 %

I have made an easy dish that will be a peice of cake for experienced cookers. Yet begunvers will need some steps to follow. They need a recopy. My dish was minsead meat with tomato suace. before cooking I didn't call any experienced cooker. I watched this video
I have served this dish to my lovely family

My husband and me ate it with spaghetti. Yousif ate it with white rice. Zaina refused to eat it:(

KG visit

My visit to the KG at  The children's school

The parents who have kids in the pre-k at the children's school were invited for a brief explaination and a tour to the kindengarden..

As a parent I went to the meeting and I would like to explin to you what they are doing, what is their approach to teach students and ect.

First of all we were seated in circle, parents who had kids in kg were talking about their expeiriece and what are the thing they love in the school. Here are some of the points they mentioned:

The kids loves the school, they were expected to be their selves. Also,their curiosity was taken in mind.
They also said that the kids have confidence in their selves....

Then two wonderful KG teachers were taking about what happens in their class rooms, some of the things they said:
that the curriculum is not taped down, instead it is      . the teachers will see the interest of their kids and they will try to find a way to put what they love in the curriculum.
The kids some times will not feel that they are learning. If you asked them what did you do they will say we played.
The kids will also say that we didn't do math! But the teacher would say.. No we did you solved 30 math problems.
That happens because the kids are not aware of the amount of learning that inters their heads. They learn with happeyness and enthusiasm.

Star of the day:
the teachers were asked if they have a star of the day. Guess what they don't have. She said they are all stars.
If we had this star thing the students will think when is my turn. he will think there is only one. By not doing so we will reduce the competetive atmosphere and the hate between the learners. instead we will build a loving community that ever person cares of the other.

After the circle meeting we went to the take a tour in the class rooms.
the class was so cool.

 The nature  
near the class they have toys with a wonderful shade from the trees. Inside the class they have a meeting rug, tables, shelves,ect.  Every furniture was from wood and to the level of the kids.

They have a place to be creative and make amazing things. For example see the details in this photo, Its a rain forest.
see the water stream on the floor

Why it is wood
I discussion was arise about the furniture should they be colored or wooden? The school has a philosophy that it is the thing the kids do what matters and not the furniture. It is the inside and not the outside.

low lights
from my first visits to school, I have seen that the teachers doesn't open the big lights on the sealing they might have small lights in the class. I thought that by doing so that the school was saving money. But in this visit it turned out that no...
They had a thing behind this. they wanted to have this kind of atmosphere that lowers hyper and bring relaxation into the class

At the end I am so glad to be in that school. I also want to thank them for the great things they do. This was just the ice burg of the great things the school does