Friday, December 13, 2013

Cooking food from my culture

Making Zaatar

I have volunteered to be a mystery reader in the school of my two kids, The Children’s school. I have signed up to read for the second graders a story on Friday Dec 13, 2014. The story introduces to students a middle eastern powder, Zaatar. The story began by telling the students about how does a boy likes Zaatar and ate it always. I followed reading the story by mixing Zaatar powder with olive oil and spreading it on a ready pita bread. I then heated the pita bread and the students ate it.
It was a nice experience, the students were happy and willing to taste it and some students cared to eat another piece. I was also happy to students reactions and conversation while cooking. When I placed the pita on the cooking sheet, they imagined it as a mickey mouse face and they started commenting, one of the comments was that they do not like mickey mouse song. Another interesting thing to see, is when I dropped oil on the table accidently. I was busy making Zaatar and would clean it latter. But it was amazing that one student felt responsible and brought tissue and cleaned the table.
This experience also made me know other people in the school. When one of the parents heard that I made Zaatar, she told me that her husband love Za’tar but he is not finding it now baked on a dough. I then showed her the ready pita I brought and told her that this kind of pita has the same taste of the dough she is talking about. I also had an extra box of Zaatar so I gave it to her.
I believe that it is important that students know about other cultures and know about their lives. Sharing with students other culture will raise their cultural awareness and make them respect people who speak, live and even eat things that are different from their own.

showing the ingredients

adding honey to students who want to have it on their Zaatar