Sunday, September 23, 2012

Learning in New Media Environments

What does this video mean to you as a person, parent, educator or a leader?

First of all I would like to mention that I was so interested while watching this video and I liked the way he presented his ideas and thoughts to have a better society. 

And as a person I find the story that he said at the begging of his lecture so relevant to me. and this is because I feel how media has changed our relationships and how it can reconstruct the way our society looks like.This new media tools has brought the world to be even smaller than the way it  used to be. Yet  media has its bad consequences, as we saw in the story and how the books has changed how the relationships were, also our new media tools has some bad effects on us if we didn't use it wisely. 

As an educator I totally agree that we have to change the way our students thinks and thats by changing the goals we set to them and the tools we use. Whether we liked it or not students uses media during the class and as it is said instead on fighting these medias and have our lectures be in the old fashion way why not just use them and have benefit from them as we educate our students. At the end we as educators has to realize that the world is changing and so has to be our teaching methods.


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