Saturday, October 20, 2012

well What is in my internet bubble???

I would like to start from the idea of last sentence of the video.."the web job is to connect us all.. It will not do that if we were on the web of one"

We always think about the internet that its connect people and show us the world. Yet it might be the case that it show us our own world.. It show us what we want to know.. For example if I were back in Kuwait and I have google something I might have different results from what I will get if I google the same thing in US.
 It is interesting to know that we are having electronic guards that filters whats get to me and what enters my bubble..

I agree that we must have the option to choose our domain search.. set the kind and information that we would like to be introduced to..


  1. Crazy to think that different parts of the world might have different access to information from the same online sources. It would be cool if you asked a friend or family member back in Kuwait to Google the same topic as you to see what the similarities or differences are.

  2. According to Google's Eric Schmidt, the amount of information created by everyone in the world each year is more information than that created by all humankind from the dawn of time to 2003. That's a lot of information. To your point on searches on information in different countries - I wonder how much information is inaccessable to others because it remains in a language not universally spoken or understood?