Saturday, October 6, 2012

My passion

what you are passionate about in terms of education or leadership. . .What do you hope to do with this passion (or what are you already doing with this passion?) If you had to narrow down your passion to one specific aspect in terms of your future research, what would it be? I find this question being very good and hard at the same time. It is hard because I didn't think about it seriously. yet it is so important because answering this question will determine how you will teach and how your relationship with your students will be. So it's time then that I think about this question and answer it. My passion is that I would like my learning classes to be different. meaning that I would like the students to imagine and be creative. and to satisfy this passion I always try to let my students think outside the box by giving them assignments where they have to think and do creative ideas. Moreover,as I am encountering new ideas and thoughts at USD new passions have pop. They are to create a non sheep walking student. A student that has his own ideas and thoughts. Since I my program is curriculum and instruction, I would like to construct curriculums that will focus more on how can we engage the students in what we are teaching rather than teaching them e boring stuff in a boring way.

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