Saturday, October 20, 2012

Use both of your minds

A whole New mind
When we were small we always have dreamed to be a doctor, an engineer or a pilot.. At these days studying what is in the book, getting tested and score grades is what matters. Actually by doing this we were using our left mind. the left mind is responsible for patterns, sequence and details. However the right hand side was not much used and appreciated.
So in this book Daniel pink says that it is the time of the conceptual age.. The age in which we shift from being so left mind and use our right side..

It is now the time for the conceptional age because of three things:
1- Abundance: we are surrounded with all what we need, we can buy so many  quality things in a reasonable yet cheap prices.. so the market is full of things..
But what makes me choose this product and not the other is its appearance and how nice it is.. In order to add beauty to the good product we need the right side help.
2- Asia: Asian people are smart and clever they can do so many things in a low cost.. So if you want to keep your job and not lose it(being replaced by Asian employee) you should show some other skills using your right brain.
3- Automation: THis technology flow is affecting every one.. computers can do so many things that the left mind can do.. So show your intelligence  by using your right mind.

I agree with Pink we should use our two minds. We have to see the whole picture by the right mind and the details by the left mind in other situations.. THe flow of information and the constant change of the world requires that we change also and use our two minds.. and be unique

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