Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Mere Experience

This story starts last week in SOLES at USD. I saw so many people that I didn't see before at USD and a teens wearing read shirts greeting people. So I went to one of the read-shirt girls and asked her: what is going on?????

She told me their will be a debate between the meres of California.. I asked her: what is a mere??
She seems to be shocked so I've told her I am new to the american culture, she recovered from her shock and answered me.
I went to the library. And then I came back to SOLES on my way to the cafeteria.. as I was walking I saw the door of the room that the debate is in.. I took a pause and  decided I will go in. see what is this.....
I thought that this is an opportunity for me and a new experience that I have to go through even If I have an exam that I have to submit after that day..
I said well this is learning.. it  is about new experience

and here I would like to share the  ideas about education of the two meres:

Bob Filner
Bob Filner (congress man) Thoughts:

 Their is no friction between teachers and students. The teachers cares about their students and have high expectations of them. He said that the problem is with the funding not with the teachers. Acutely teachers want more time to teach and not less..

Also he suggested that  we have to engage institutions to take a share in education.. navy, sport teams, museum art.. we should make them care about kids..

Carl Demaio (councilman) Thoughts:

Carl Demaio
Make youth programs and let the students work,  and he mentioned after school program

We need school funding, yet it is not all about money it is how schools perform and how to spend that money..      
As talking about money he wants us to pay people for their performance.

Moreover, he talked about getting people involved in education and engaged in solving problems.. He will listen to all parties even students..

I have taken notes to what both of the mere said and after the debate I have asked a man to write for me their names because I didn't know anyone of them:) He was very nice..

So what do you think???? Who you will vote for????

Ohhh... Wait let me tell you about the red shirts..they were from an institution called reality changes, They were students that go through several programs. Going through this program will make them have more chance entering collages. especially that they will be the first generation collage students in their families

Note: If you was in the debate and I wrote less or wrong thing.. please feel free to comment.

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