Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making my life easier and healthier

Food has a important part in our lives. They make us happy and satisfied..
But What Is The Kind Of Food We Are Eating??
Is it healthy neutritious food
caned and fast food?????

Well all of us prefered healthy food.. But the challenge is having to go to school, do work, and having two kids..
Ohhhh don't forget the cleaning.. (dish washer problem:

So my goal is to make healthy neutritious and clean food.. I want to make a fast home made food...
So I did the following at one time:

1- Use T-fal fryer
you can't imagine how easy and healthy using it.. Its amazing and worth it every penny. 

2- taking fresh meat with spices (Kofta) and make it to be meat ball.. put every portion in a bag.
when I need them I will put them either with tomato douce or I will put them in my T-fal machine.
helping mommy
meat balls portion
Yousif enjoying the meat balls


3- cooking minced meat, boiling pasta and putting them together to have a Yummy Lasagna. 

Zucchini filled with meat
4- Zucchini filled with meat...
 It will be cooked with tomato sauce or yogurt sauce or......

So I will put them I the freezer and when I need them I will take one and add sauce to it, bake it or put it in my T-fal

This was the meat Journey.. I will up date you with the chicken journey....

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  1. All of this food is making me hungry. You seem very efficient and have great ideas on making a surplus of food.