Friday, November 30, 2012

Adapting to a new culture

New culture
People travel and go over seas to see different countries and cultures. Some of them leave their countries for short periods and others for a long one. They have different reasons to do so yet we see them all doing the same thing
Adapting to the new culture.. accepting the change and try to live with it..

1- Driving.. I was driving in Kuwait but without a navigation and without mountains and very high bridges...
So my husband was taking me to the university and bringing me back home with my little kids who will be sleeping in the way...
So me not driving will not work.. but the problem is that I was so nervous of driving
I still remember my first day of driving,, I was on a bridge.. I didn't know which direction to go so I literary stopped I was so afraid. lucky me my husband was near me and he helped me.. gradually with a push from my friend I was driving and I gained my confidence..
I learned how to drive and follow the navigator

Well I still don't like bridges but I find myself driving and depending on my own.

2- the chat:
In the classes I find some things that i don't understand because they are about  the culture like names of books, persons, sport teams...
I started to listen to the radio and maybe this kind of adapting will come by time

3- finding school and place to live;
finding a school and a house was too hard since we are new to the area it was difficult to search for a good school

4- we also searched for traditional food were we will find the brands and kind of food that we are used to.

5- It is also important to know the cultures norms.. what is accepted and what is not

7- finding friends and people that you build relationship with

6- the last thing that i would like to share  is that our fire detector was making a really annouing noise for approximately three weeks we didn't know whats wrong with it..
when we asked the lady who is charged of the house she said well

Adapting to the new culture and be yourself and keep your identity is a challenging thing.. you need to adapt and yet remember who you are..

At the end in the foreign country you will find people who will help you and make your adaption easier .. I would like to thank them and I will be them..

They were opened and respected the different in cultures and believes.. We have in our religion that no difference between white or black we are all the same what makes us different is our piety


  1. I'm glad you're adjusting so well to the US! It's challenging to adapt to a new country and culture, but you've done a great job with it all. And if it makes you feel any better, I don't like driving over bridges either and I've been driving in the States for 12+ years now! :-O

  2. You may not see it, but you are exhibiting courage in your actions every day. You enthusiasm for everything is both remarkable and fearless. I am honored to have you in class. Thank you Nour.


    1. thank you Jiff for those sweet words:) it is an honor for me too to be in your class