Sunday, November 4, 2012

tweet chats

tweet chat:

I was curios to see Arabic chats and see whats going on, but unfortunately I didn't know how to reach for one:(

I planned to follow a Sunday chat (Edchatri) at 8. But at 8 in san diego's time it seems that they have already started and the motion of the tweets was sort of dead.

So I have followed another chat (blogchat), It also was started. I have read something that I really liked and was thinking about. I was thinking well I am now exited about blogging because I know that someone is looking at it and that my grade depends on it... But if the corse end will I still be blogging????????

I had forgotten that benefiting one person is a big thing.. this tweet from the Blogchat had reminded me....

Blog feel small? If you have just one reader & your blog changes their life your blog is big 

this tweet was retweeted more than ten times mybe in the blog chat..

I also asked them what is the topic but no one answered.

But guess what.. they have followed me on twitter and I have followed them 

  and another chat followed me and i followed them as well @sandlitchat


  1. It sounds like the twitter chats were a little crazy to follow. Nonetheless, I must say that I applaud you for your perseverance in participating in a twitter chat. I love the quote you posted about the blog, I do believe it is true. Afterall, one small impact on one person can lead to many impacts.

  2. Your quote about having "just one reader and changing their blog" is inspirational and true. It makes me want to take more risks and put my ideas out there even more for others to read and comment on.