Sunday, November 18, 2012

Horse ridding

the translation was horrible.. It has changed the meaning of what I want to say.

So I am going to write it again in English

their are some animals that I love. Horses are one of these animals.. before telling you about my horse riding experience in San Diego let me tell you about horses.

It is said that horses were created before humans and they were not ridden by human they were brutal. but it was     after the  Prophet Ismaiel( the son of the prophet Ibrahim) was a youth and had grown up God told him a certain prayer and after that  he was able to ride the horses. He was the first one to do so.

I would like to mention that the prophet Suleiman had horses which he loved them. he gave the Arabs horse and it was the best gift for them

The Arabs loved horses and felt that it is a source of proudness. they have treated the horses as if they were one of their family members.
Our prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) encouraged horse riding( for a good purposes). Also God has sworn in the Qura'n by horses.

horses has such good affect on human they will teach the rider leadership, self control and courage.

So back in kuwait I have registered Yousif in horse riding club

Yousif in his training
Zaina riding the horse

zaina washing the horse

As for me I have ridden a horse when I was young in one of the Islands in U.S It was so much fun.
In San Diego I wanted to repeat the same amaozing experience I had but it wasn't the same
the place where I put my leg wash't adjusted and we only walked,, the horses were trained to walk I felt that I was only setting on the horse....
Well the main thing about horse ridding is the challenge of controlling the horse...

Well I think that my future activity is to take horse ridding classes

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  1. I love horses too! And I really enjoyed the background story about the prophets you gave too--gives it a special context.