Monday, November 5, 2012

Machbos Dish

What is Machbos?????

It is a kuwaiti traditional food. It is chicken and rice with Kuwaiti spices.
For me it was a huge task to cook it.
before coming to San Diego I had a one class with my mom in the kitchen. I wasn't really participating but I kind of saw what it is about.

When I can to San Diego I brought two cooking books and one cooking booklet(that a lady wrote it for her son)
So I had to see from them how to do it..
My husband was telling me why don't you just see on line???

I had cooked several times.. sometimes it will be successful other will have little success.

For this dish we use several bans, so I thought instead of cooking it every time, wait to the frozen chicken to go to room temperature and....
I thought why don't I cook a big portion and then put it in the freezer..
So I  cooked it and then frozen it..
We also put tomato garlic sauce on it. I also frozen that

*In kuwait they do it with whole chicken but I find it easier to use chicken tenders


  1. Sounds like you had a great time making it. How did it turn out? Maybe we can try it in class in a few weeks? :)

  2. Good idea to cook up a bunch of it & freeze it for later--that will definitely save you time in the long run!