Sunday, November 4, 2012

My reflection

Asking me to write a reflect about my journey in this corse, reminds me with what what Jiff in the first begging said: Don't be an egg!!

And it is now just amazing to see to how far we have reached.. When someone asks me how is the master program, I will start telling them about a class that any personal thin we want to learn will be considered for credits.. That sounds awesome.

Well, but this doesn't mean that it is one of the classes that you are going to pass without effort... No No.. No...
For me I have these days that I want to know and search any thing I didn't know. even if it was a language that I didn't understand.. I hesitated to go and ask the ladies setting in one on USD's chairs who where talking this language and asks them what language do they talk
You have to spend hours in front of the your screen searching for things to share.. the sad part is when the times run and you didn't share something yet or when you don't find what you want..

So know let go more deeply to what I am using:
1- blog posts: I consider my blog to be to some extent my journal I will write the things I encounter and that I would like people to share.

2- Diggolet: It is a great library, where you can organize your things in.


3- tweet deck: at the begging of the semester i didm't understand what is it but now i really see it as a beneficial tool, I now understood the meaning of this #

4-tweeter: after we have learned how to share without even going to tweeter I enjoy it.
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5- tweet chat: see

6-storify: It is an interesting tool to share things.. but I haven't yet build a big network with this tool.
What I like in it that I can choose what I want from the web and simply drag it to my story.

I hope that I will continue sharing my ideas to others even if the corse if finished..
When you share something with others you will have a great feeling.. a feeling of confidence.

And this is a check list that might help you during your social network journey:


  1. I like that you summarize part of the experience with "Don't be an egg." It's simple, to the point, and yet can mean so much. It's been fun to read your point of view and see what kind of things you have discovered--can't wait to see/read more!

  2. I also like that you summarize and quote Jeff, "Don't be an egg". It was great reading your point of view and what you've learned since starting this class.

  3. Seems like you have learned a lot about social media.Yay! I too use my blog kind of like a journal to get feedback and comments.